Text im Wortlaut:

Liebe Leute... (ok, this is as far as I can
go in German, sorry for that)... I have to con-
fess...The dog, from Laibach is hanging in my
room... You know, I am very confused... You made
me do something I never thought I would do... I
have so much mixed feelings about this,
But when I visited your website in november... and
when I saw the dog... I knew I wanted it so badly.
The picture just hit me... and i couldn't believe
it was to be robbed... I'm an honest citizen...
and it made me confused... but this picture
was too strong... and in a way, in a wonderful
way, it just happened_ and now I am enjoying it
everyday... The weird thing is that I even don't
like dogs... It's really the picture itself...
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity
to have this artpiece in my posession.
I will take good care of it, and when the time
is there... In the right time I will try to let
it go back... But first, I would like to introduce
him to some kind of people.
Give my Regards to Renate Woditschka from me
and tell her that people around here really like
this 'wondering dog'