Text im Wortlaut:

I would like to introduce you to somebody that was
very important to me years ago... He is a very good
an wekk know painter artist in my country. He and
his lovely wife Hans and Christine, were the owners
of my room, when I was a student. Hans is a very humble
man, but a big talent, and I've always admired his work
and through the years he improved an became one
of the big ones... But what I really like about him, is
his simplicity, of just being who he is... together
with his lovely wife... (she's a kind of jurist)
I used to live for siy years in their studenthome... and
every year with saint nikolaus, they gave us chocolates
so a few weeks ago i went to visit them with the dog
they were very excited about your project and hans
had a fine conversation with the dog: i will call him wodi
so, there you have a picture of two nice people who
ment a lot to me... so many years ago...