Text im Wortlaut:

Let me introduce you to greet, my best
friend for the last 1
Let me introduce you to greet my best
friend for the last 17 years. Besides
that, she4s the most talented and crea-
tive woman I've ever met. She doesnot
need to steal other people's artwork
This crazy woman can sing like an angel
and with her magic hands, she writes
gracious words you would never forget
It's amazing to see how she redefines
the meaning of glass by creating new
brilliant objects out of her inventive
ideas. her drawings tell ful stories and are full of life and
movement... and at last, she can cook
like the best. This funny lady leaves
Vienna the 2nd of January so if you
would like to meet her, be my guest,
This is her nr. till the 2nd:
(she's definetly a better
artist than i am a typist)